Buccanner making good use of his Crocodile.

The Heavy Combat M1913-A, more commonly known as the "Crocodile", is a combat-based prosthetic arm specialized for use in cold-climate areas. The Crocodile has no digits, and is instead a large chainsaw with a jaw clamp. Like all cold-climate automail, the M1913-A is made of carbon fiber rather than combat steel, which helps prevent frostbite. The exhaust system from the chainsaw also helps to prevent frostbite on the wearer's connecting nerves. This allows the wearer to go on longer missions in the cold that would not be possible even with other types of cold-climate automail.


  • Although Buccaneer is the only character seen who wears the Crocodile model, it is apparently well known among those who work with automail, due to Winry Rockbell's excitement over seeing one.
  • The Crocodile's exhaust system allows the wearer to spend more time in cold-climate areas than if they were wearing the Mad Bear G or any other carbon fiber model. This fact is left out of the anime, presumably for time.
  • The Achilles heel of the M1913-A is that it has no digits, and therefore cannot function as a hand. This makes it unsuitable for casual situations and leaves its wearer in a vulnerable position if it is damaged in such a way that is ceases to function.
  • The model number of both arms worn by Buccaneer (the M1913-A as well as the Modified M1910) is very similar to that of the Colt M1911 pistol.