Major General Gärtner (ゲルトナー, Gerutonaa) was the commanding officer that was sent to Briggs by Central Command to call for Major General Armstrong to report to Central so she could be questioned about the whereabouts of Lt. General Raven. In her absence, he was given full command of Fort Briggs. His role was to assist in creating a crest of blood as part of the Nationwide Transmutation Circle, but the forces of Briggs' will proved too strong.

His last appearance was on chapter 84 where he, being the representative of Briggs Army, greets Grumman on the long-awaited joint training exercise with the Eastern forces. After The Promised Day events, his whereabouts is unknown. However, there is the probability of Gärtner being arrested along with the remaining survivor members of the Central Command, or of fleeing from Fort Briggs to another country.


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