FMA Wiki Policy
This page is an official Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki policy.


When a user feels a page should be removed from the wiki, they are required to place a delete tag (see below) at the top of the article and start a discussion on the article's talk page. The delete tag should contain the reason for the nomination, as well as the user who nominated it in brackets following the given reason. The user who nominated the page for deletion must also add a topic concerning the deletion on the article's talk page, which will be used to discuss the pros and cons regarding the deletion of the article.

Save for vandal and duplicate articles and looping category pages, a minimum of seven days of discussion should be given to any article before a final decision as to its fate is made. After that time, the delete tag is either removed or the article is deleted by an administrator, corresponding to the majority decision of the FMA community. If an article is kept, it can no longer be brought up as a candidate for deletion for the same reason. It can however be brought up again as a candidate for deletion for an unrelated reason, warranting a new discussion to be started on the talk page. In the event that the "For" and "Against" sides are split fifty-fifty, the article can either be kept as a candidate for deletion or have the delete tag removed. In this case, a user can re-submit the article as a candidate for deletion at a later date using the same reason.


See Template:Delete.

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