Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Original Soundtrack 3 is a soundtrack album containing music from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Tracklist Edit

  1. FMA
    Rain (TV size)
  2. Knives and Shadows
  3. March of the Moving Dolls
  4. Crime and Punishment
  5. Ante Meridiem
  6. Consonance
  7. The Intrepid
  8. Tribute to W.C. I
  9. The Forbearer
  10. Envy Revealed ~Adagio~
  11. Laws of Alchemy ~Instrumental~
  12. Heroic Bolero
  13. A Soldier’s Honor
  14. Amestris Military March
  15. Tribute to W.C. II
  16. The Pendulum
  17. The Day the Sun Disappeared
  18. Dissident’s Creed
  19. In the Fray
  20. Lapis Philosophorum ~Chant~
  21. Violoncello’s Lament
  22. Sorrowful Stone
  23. Main Theme ~The Alchemist~
  24. The Awakening
  25. Philosophorum Omega
  26. Nightfall in Central City ~Fin~
  27. Epilogue ~A New Journey~
  28. Main Theme ~Homage to Alchemy~
  29. Trisha’s Lullaby ~A Reminiscence~
  30. RAY OF LIGHT (TV size)
  31. Resembool’s Lullaby

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