The Ties that Bind Vol.5

FullMetal Alchemist:The Ties that Bind Sorezore no Kizuna (それぞれの絆) is the fifth Light Novel in FullMetal Alchemist Series.


  • Prologue
  1. The Banned Book
  2. Thicker than Blood
  3. Meetings and Encounters
  4. A Mistaken Wish
  5. Keep Moving On
  • Epilogue


While in Dublith, Ed and Al uncover a clue regarding a book called "The Evolution of the Body", which may hold information about how to recreate the body of a person who had been severely wounded or to reconstruct their entire original form. Ed and Al head to Lambsear to try to locate the book, but instead find an Ishvalan orphan being raised by an Amestrian woman on her own, as her husband goes away for months at a time. The Elrics help reunite a family torn apart by old war wounds, and show a disillusioned man that some sins cannot be eradicated, but can be forgiven.

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