The Abducted Alchemist Vol.2

The Abducted Alchemist Toraware no Renkinjutsushi (囚われの錬金術師) is the second Light Novel in the FullMetal Alchemist Series.


  • The Borderlands Train
  • The Odd Terrorists
  • Lively Lodgings
  • The Abduction of Edward
  • Separate Battles


After spending a couple of weeks in the middle of nowhere and sleeping in open fields, Ed and Al are pleased to finally reach a train station to head to East City. But Ed is surprised to see Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc on the train... in civilian clothes.  The train is terribly crowded, and Mustang refuses to acknowledge Ed or Al, spending his time instead flirting with several pretty women.  So Ed comes up with the perfect way to get attention-- by rushing up to Mustang and yelling, "Daddy!"  

After the women all leave Mustang in a huff, Ed starts to ask why the Colonel and the Second Lieutenant aren't in uniform, but the train suddenly screeches to a halt. It seems the terrorists have struck again. Due to being in the middle of nowhere, neither Ed nor Al have heard about the spate of attacks on the trains, where several lines throughout Amestris have been blown up or otherwise, but never hurting any person in the blasts. After this, Ed suddenly realizes that everyone on the train blames the military for not being able to catch them. Ed and Al make their way back to East City with Mustang and Havoc, arriving in time for another terrorist announcement of an attack. The problem has been, although the terrorists have always announced their attacks before they destroy the lines, they give deliberately misleading clues so the military can't stop the attack. But the civilians only know that the terrorists have given prior warning, so they hold the military responsible for not stopping the attacks. As the lines and some trains are being wrecked, this puts more strain and more passengers on what lines remain, giving the civilians even more to blame on the military.  

But with Ed and Al's help, Mustang's group successfully foils this attack.  At the same time, a string of kidnappings targeting children who are either the daughters or sons of high-ranking military officials or the children of families who publicly support the military has also been going on. However, nobody is harmed, as the children are always returned safe and sound after a ransom is paid. Civilian anger mounts with each passing day, and the authorities seem powerless to catch the insurgents. Roy suspects that the two crimes sprees are connected, but he's having a tough time convincing his superiors in Central Command.

The Elric brothers travel to a town on the search for clues, but Ed's prank of pretending that Roy is his dad will have repercussions that nobody expected when Ed vanishes... and a ransom demand addressed to Roy arrives at East City, threatening the life of his "son".

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