Brigadier General Fox was one of the most powerful men in the Amestrian State Military and a high-profile member of Central Command. Privy to the secret plan being orchestrated by Father and the Homunculi, General Fox had no qualms about sacrificing the citizens of his country to attain immortality with his co-conspirator.

When The Promised Day arrives and Briggs' soldiers begin their offensive in Central City, Fox attempts to coerce General Armstrong into revealing her intentions by gunpoint, but is stabbed through the wrist with her sword and taken hostage. Fox was used as hostage and stabbed in the foot by Armstrong in order to force his cooperation. However, he ordered his troops to seal all entrances to the commander center of Central City before threatening Armstrong's forces. He was then smashed through the floor and killed by Sloth.


  • Both his hair color and hairstyle are also very similar to Yoki.