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A disheartened Ed resigns from his position as State Alchemist just as Winry arrives into town to visit. Winry however, may end up as the next victim of the city's serial killer.


  • A mistake at the beginning of the episode in the English dub had Al identify Roy Mustang as a Major when he is actually a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Barry says that during the war in Ishval, he "saw a State Alchemist just like [Ed] kill other people with ease. [makes explosion gesture with free hand] Splat! Just like that." He's most likely referring to Solf J. Kimblee, another sociopathic soldier who "indiscriminately made women and children go BOOM!" with his alchemy.
  • When giving Edward his new State Alchemist title, Mustang remarks that it's quite ironic. This is because:
    • 鋼 (はがね, hagane), which means "steel", is sometimes used to describe a stubborn person.
    • Alphonse, who has a body made entirely of steel, is also an Alchemist. This is also provides the basis for the running gag of people mistaking Al for the famous State Alchemist. The English dub is especially ironic considering the Full part of his Fullmetal title. (His title in Japanese just means "Steel Alchemist"/"Alchemist of Steel".)
  • A mistake at the end of the episode shows Scar seeing Edward walk down the sidewalk with his pocketwatch in his left pocket. He always keeps it in his right pocket.

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