Hidden Truths
7 - hidden truths
Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Episode number 7
Title Hidden Truths
Japan airdate May 17, 2009
U.S.A. airdate May 21, 2009 (online stream)
March 28, 2010
Run time 0:24:41
Language Japanese/English
Subtitles English
Preceded by Road of Hope
Followed by The Fifth Laboratory

The Elrics discover the horrific ingredient needed to create a Philosopher's Stone. When night falls, they prowl the grounds of a secret laboratory in search of more facts – but the brothers find only danger.

Episode NotesEdit

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 10: The Philosopher's Stone and Chapter 11: The Two Guardians.
  • The Transmutation Array in the background of this episode's title card is the Human Transmutation circle used by the Elric brothers.
  • The previously unnamed waterway by which Scar's jacket is found is given the name "Marl River" in this episode.
  • Ed and Al make several esoteric alchemical references in this episode, such as Marcoh's note about Squab referring to the "Green Lion, the philosopher's month" and books titled "Flamel's Codex" and "Lambspring's Concerning the Philosopher's Stone".
  • This is the first episode of the 2009 series to depict the serious, yet negligible, injury of a Homunculus when Scar transmutes off Gluttony's left arm. In the manga and 2003 anime, that honor is given to Tim Marcoh's attack on Lust.
  • When Maes Hughes visits the Elric brothers, we are given our first 2009 series glimpse of the push knife he has sheathed at his back.
  • During their discussion about Lab 5, all references to Basque Grand are removed from this episode. Additionally, while Edward is reminded of Marcoh's words by a comment from Denny Brosh in the manga, it is Alex Armstrong who jogs his memory in this episode.
  • Instead of going to another library and learning about Sheska from the other librarians, the Elrics head straight for Sheska's house, with Maria Ross filling the boys in about Sheska's background.

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