With a Philosopher's Stone in his possession, Alphonse fearlessly engages Pride and Kimblee. Elsewhere, the Armstrongs find themselves trapped between Sloth’s onslaught and the guns of Central’s troops.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 92: With Everyone's Strength and Chapter 93: Archenemy.
  • The Transmutation Circles that appear in the background of this episode's title card are those tattooed on Kimblee's palms.
  • This episode has a slight continuity error regarding Kimblee's suit. In the manga, his suit gets torn up, and stays that way until the end. However, in the anime, no such damage occurs; yet during the scene in which Heinkel ensnares Kimblee by the throat, his sleeve is torn in the same way as in the manga. By the next scene, however, his sleeves are perfect again.
  • Kimblee remarks that he doesn't understand why Alphonse didn't just take the Philosopher's Stone and run, saying it would be an easy thing to do so. This is ironic considering Kimblee himself spent roughly seven years in prison with that same stone in his possession. Not only could he have used it to escape with ease, but he could have avoided capture altogether.

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