Ed’s crew faces a horde of ravenous mannequins, abominations powered by human souls. The twisted creatures aren’t the only unstoppable force on the battlefield – Pride, Sloth, and Envy are on the move.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 90: Army of Immortals, Chapter 91: A Reunion of Alchemists and Chapter 92: With Everyone's Strength.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the circle etched on the back of Alex Louis Armstrong's gauntlets.
  • This is the first episode of the fifth and final season.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fifth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening theme, "Rain" by SID.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fifth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending theme, "RAY OF LIGHT" by Shoko Nakagawa.
  • The three Mannequin Soldiers in this episode's first eyecatch are posed as the Three Wise Monkeys.
  • This episode is the third in line of continuity errors regarding Barry the Chopper. His human head is seen here sliced in half (much like his armor). Taken into context of what happened back in episode 19, and the corresponding manga chapter, this makes very little sense. The manga just shows his body, complete, but decaying. The remains and armor scraps have also moved towards the back of the room, as opposed to the spot where he perished near the entrance. In the anime, Edward also seems to know many details regarding Barry, such as that he was Slicer's partner, despite all he would actually have to go on about him would be what Alphonse relayed to him. The manga line showcases that better with Edward only stating, "Barry the chopper, I guess."
  • In the FUNimation dub in the preview for the next episode the Narrator says "Strengths" instead of "Strength".

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