Ed’s crew faces a horde of ravenous mannequins, abominations powered by human souls. The twisted creatures aren’t the only unstoppable force on the battlefield – Pride, Sloth, and Envy are on the move.
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Beneath Central Command, the Mannequin Soldiers are released by the unnamed General. Ignoring the fact from a nearby scientist that their tests aren't completed, the General believes that them being completely immortal and obedient only to them is perfected enough. He prepares to order them to attack Mustang's rebellion, only to be killed and his body chomped on by the Mannequin Soldiers. The scientist quickly tries to shoot them out of fear, only to be killed as well. Back at Ed's group in the white room, Darius is surprised that the huge door is the entryway to Father's lair. Ed confirms that this is the location what Al told him about. Jerso notices a decayed body and armor on the ground, and Ed identifies it as Barry the Chopper, who was the Slicer Brothers' partner. When Ed cannot open the door, Scar steps in to destroy it, only for it to open itself and the Mannequin Soldiers to emerge from it.

At Central Command Major General Armstrong is walking through with the wounded unnamed General as her hostage and demands that he withdraw their troops that are facing Colonel Mustang's troops and the Briggs soldiers. A group of nearby soldiers seeing her draw their guns on her, but Maj. General Armstrong stabs the General in the foot with her sword. She demands to the General that he withdraw their troops so they won't all have to die, but after some consideration, the General orders the soldiers to close up all the gates so Mustang's troops and the Briggs soldiers will not have their way. While he is talking, Maj. General Armstrong notices and moves out of the way as Sloth arrives and crushes the General to death. After explaining he has been told to kill her, Maj. General Armstrong thanks him for killing that General on her behalf and readies herself to fight him.

Meanwhile, Ed's group is fighting off the Mannequins. After Scar finds his destructive alchemy technique will not work, while they are surrounded, hearing one of the Mannequins saying "Mama" which reminds Ed of the faces that were part of the body of Envy's transformed state and realizes these Mannequins have human souls in them. Just as more are coming in through the door, Scar points out they cannot let these things get outside. On the streets, while the citizens discuss they heard that Mustang is staging a coup which is why there are soldiers on the streets, Jerso alerts Ed that some Mannequins are about to get out and he seals the door with alchemy. The group then charges in to face them after the three Human Chimeras transform. Outside, as soldiers on the street learn that Mustang is holed up in a ice cream truck, Captain Buccaneer arrives and fights them. Hearing them on radio, Mustang's group realize it will be harder to move around Central now, though Mustang has an idea. Back at Al's location, Heinkel wonders how their friends are doing since he is too injured to help them. Going back to the dome, Heinkel hears the sound he heard yesterday and learns from Al that Pride is making it with the helmet from his armor. After taking a few seconds to think, Heinkel quickly realizes that those sounds are actually a type of military code and orders Al to stop him since he is giving away their location.

Heinkel then quickly realizes it is too late when he notices that Kimblee is already there, and Kimblee launches his attack that injures Heinkel and opens a hole in the dome. Pride thanks Kimblee for his help and promises not to let his guard down again. Beneath Central, May, with Envy in the jar is running through the sewers with the Mannequin Soldiers in pursuit. May accuses Envy of lying to her, to which Envy admits he didn't. Once they catch up, May fights them, but during the fight, the glass jar with Envy is separated from her and is broken with Envy eaten by one of the Mannequins. However he takes control of its body and then after digesting the other soldiers, it restores Envy to his transformed state. Envy then uses one of the Mannequin corpses to return to his human form. Envy thanks May for her help as May becomes nervous. At Kanama, the citizens are wondering why the military is there. Yoki and Dr. Marcoh who are among them suspect their location is compromised, and while Marcoh wishes to go to help Al, Yoki talks him down so Marcoh will not get caught by the State Military. Back at Al's location, Pride explains to Kimblee that he devoured Gluttony, and answers Kimblee's question that he never considered Gluttony as a brother, but instead as part of a collective. Once Heinkel points out that is how it is, both Pride and Kimblee, as well as Al, realize that Heinkel is still alive.

Al moves in to help Heinkel, but is bound by Pride's shadows. Al uses alchemy to create a smokescreen, and though Pride believes it to be useless, he finds that Al had severed the feet from his armor to get away. At Central Command, Maj. General Armstrong dodges the chain Sloth is using against and finds her gun is useless as expected. Just then some soldiers arrive to shoot her, only to be taken down by Sloth's chain. Heading to their bodies, Maj. General Armstrong grabs a grenade and throws it creating a large explosion that is seen outside. However it doesn't work, and she finds herself bound by Sloth's massive hands. Before she is crushed to death, her brother Alex arrives and knocks Sloth back with a powerful punch. Alex, while doing a pose, asks if Olivier is all right, where with her right arm injured, she responds who he is talking to. After learning from Olivier that their opponent Sloth is a homunculus and nothing but cannon-class gunfire will work on him, Alex volunteers to fight since this is his specialty. Back at their location, the wounded Heinkel asks that Al who can barely move with his feet gone to leave him behind or they will both die if Al continues to help him, but Al refuses to let him die. As Al cannot move, Heinkel admits that both Al and Ed have a bad habit of going to save people at the cost of their own safety.

After Al admits it was due to a promise he made to Ed, Heinkel recalls that Kimblee was the one who said about surviving in order to win, and that he has a small Philosopher's Stone with him that he picked up when Kimblee abandoned them at the mines in Baschool. While Heinkel knows that Al would not use it for himself due to it containing human lives, he knows that Al needs it to use it to save the world and to use the power of these lives to help protect those important to them by letting them fight. Outside the dust cloud, Kimblee considers blowing it away, but Pride states that it doesn't matter since neither of them can move. Just then a Philosopher's Stone reaction occurs and Al, with the feet to his armor repaired, emerges much to Kimblee's excitement.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 90: Army of Immortals, Chapter 91: A Reunion of Alchemists and Chapter 92: With Everyone's Strength.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the circle etched on the back of Alex Louis Armstrong's gauntlets.
  • This is the first episode of the fifth and final season.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fifth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening theme, "Rain" by SID.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fifth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending theme, "RAY OF LIGHT" by Shoko Nakagawa.
  • The three Mannequin Soldiers in this episode's first eyecatch are posed as the Three Wise Monkeys.
  • This episode is the third in line of continuity errors regarding Barry the Chopper. His human head is seen here sliced in half (much like his armor). Taken into context of what happened back in episode 19, and the corresponding manga chapter, this makes very little sense. The manga just shows his body, complete, but decaying. The remains and armor scraps have also moved towards the back of the room, as opposed to the spot where he perished near the entrance. In the anime, Edward also seems to know many details regarding Barry, such as that he was Slicer's partner, despite all he would actually have to go on about him would be what Alphonse relayed to him. The manga line showcases that better with Edward only stating, "Barry the chopper, I guess."
  • In the FUNimation dub in the preview for the next episode the Narrator says "Strengths" instead of "Strength".

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