This article is about the 2009 anime series episode. For the similarly named manga chapter, see Chapter 5: The Alchemist's Suffering.

The Elrics meet Shou Tucker, a leading researcher in the field of chimeras. He has much to teach Ed and Al about alchemy – and the horrible cruelty that sometimes accompanies it.

Episode Cards

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 5: The Alchemist's Suffering.
  • The Transmutation Circles that appear in this episode's title card are the array on Alex Louis Armstrong's gauntlets and a simple circle.
  • While Brigadier General Grand's death was not depicted in the manga, Arakawa offers that Scar managed to defeat Iron Blood by accosting him while the General staggered home after a night of drinking. Apparently, the director of this episode did not see it fit to include that version of events. Arakawa's version was simply a joke anyway, something she's well known for.

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