Quiet warnings spread near and far: the Promised Day is at hand. While most will face the coming chaos with their own kind, Edward forms a new cabal comprised of human, chimera – and Homunculus.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 80: The Prodigal Father Returns, Chapter 82: Family by Spirit and Chapter 83: The Promised Day.
  • Though this episode ended with the song Shunkan SENTIMENTAL by SCANDAL, the scenes shown during the theme were changed to depict the general preparation for The Promised Day.
  • This episode is the first to contain a title card with a blank, black background. Additionally, it is the only episode to announce the title at the very end of the episode, in keeping with its corresponding manga chapter. However, for the Adult Swim broadcast, the title card is placed at the beginning.
  • The final, post-credits scene, in which Colonel Mustang destroys all evidence of having received the note with Flame Alchemy, is removed in the American broadcast.
  • The scene in which May Chang arrives in Youswell was altered somewhat, suggesting that she had never been to the town before. Though the townspeople (including Halling and Khayal) appear, their moving hospitality towards May is born of kindness and pity rather than recognition and gratitude, as in the manga. This is due to the removal of the content from the earlier chapters regarding Youswell from the earlier episodes of the 2009 anime.
  • This episode marks the first (and possibly only) official use of the portmanteau "Greeling", used by Ed to refer to the dual-nature Homunculus.
  • Mason's role as Izumi and Sig's worker at the butcher shop is finally revealed in this episode. He does have a slight cameo in Episode 13, but went without introduction until this time.
  • According to the Bonus Episode: Tales of the Master, Sig is from the north and the town in which he is hiding may very well be his hometown.
  • Grumman appears to have regrown his mustache in a short span of time, though it does appear slightly less bushy than before.

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