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Episode 45: A Rotted Heart (2003 series)

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A Rotted Heart
Series Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Episode number 45
Title A Rotted Heart
Japan airdate August 21th, 2004
U.S.A. airdate February 4th, 2006
Language English/Japanese
Subtitles English
Preceded by Hohenheim of Light
Followed by Human Transmutation


Ed proves he will do whatever it takes to stop the Homunculi -- even defile his mother's grave. Back in Central, Colonel Mustang decides to challenge the entire military leadership on his own.

Trivia Edit

  • Ed's disguise of a large hat, circular glasses & large overcoat, bears a striking resemblance to the trademark costume of Alucard, protagonist of the Hellsing anime/manga series.

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