In the snowy north, the soldiers of Fort Briggs engage an invading army and Marcoh leads an attack against monstrous Envy. In Central, an ominous and shocking secret is revealed to Olivier Armstrong.

Episode Notes

  • In the manga, after the Drachman army is destroyed, its commander has a short conversation with Kimblee and gets blown up during it; Kimblee then escapes from the remaining Drachman soldiers, who want to take him away, using the Philosopher's Stone. In the episode, however, the commander is killed during the battle before even finding Kimblee, who is then shown standing on the battlefield among explosions.
  • In the corresponding manga chapter, Bido appears to have known about Bradley's involvement in the raid on Devil's Nest via hearsay, but in this episode, he is depicted as having been hiding on the scene of his comrades' deaths.
  • The title name may be derived from the quote "When an ant is struck, does it not fight back and bite the hand of the man that struck it?" - Labaya of Schechum. Amarna Letter EA 252: Sparing One's Enemies, 1350 B.C.E.

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