Scar is set to create the Philosopher's Stone using Archer's soldiers as the final ingredients. Underground, Ed desperately fights to reach the surface in time to stop the massacre.

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Al's armor slowly begins to turn black as the result of Kimblee's alchemy. Scar confronts the dying Kimblee, who admits that bomb-making is his specialty and cannot undo the process himself. Just as he passes away, Kimblee also admits that the transmutation will occur slowly to give Al time to think about death. As Scar contemplates on what to do, Lust appears and reveals that Scar cannot undo Kimblee's alchemy with his destructive alchemy due to its inability to reconstruct matter, and only Ed can reverse it. Lust wants Scar to complete the Philosopher's Stone, but he can see now that she is not like his brother's fiancee. In the sewers, Ed stops Wrath from killing Rosé and her baby. Re-transmuting his spear to restrain Wrath's arms to prevent the homunculus child from using alchemy, Ed faces Sloth, whom Ed admits he had been thinking for a while now that she, as Juliet Douglas, had resembled his and Al's mother, but had been denying himself the truth. She tries to attack him with her water powers, but he counters it by transmuting the water into ice and charging at her with his automail sword. Sloth breaks free and transforms into her true form, revealing that she is a Homunculus due to the Ouroboros tattoo on her chest. However, Wrath breaks free, forcing Edward to transmute giant spikes to separate him and Rosé from the two homunculi. Although Lyra mentions it will take more than that to kill a homunculus, Edward congratulates Rosé for getting her voice back and also thanks her for saving his life.

Back at the military outpost, Colonel Archer is furious for not hearing anything from Kimblee or Tucker's chimeras. Just then, Colonel Mustang, Lieutenant Hawkeye, and Major Armstrong show up at his secret room, confronting him and Tucker. Armstrong admits that he never truly supported Archer and only pretended to do so to root out the corruption within the military. Archer has Tucker send out his remaining chimeras to attack the three, revealing that he plans to use the Reole incident to become a war hero, similar to Mustang's popularity in the Ishval Civil War. King Bradley (Pride) and Gluttony watch as he dispatches his troops. In Reole, Scar admits that the only similarity Lust had to his brother's fiancee was her appearance and denies her comment that if she did become human, it would not be the same since the dead cannot come back to life. With Al's armor almost completely black from Kimblee's alchemy, Scar uses the locket to keep her at bay so she can't stop him. He then painfully transmutes the incomplete Philosopher's Stone into Al's armor, losing his remaining arm, but successfully nullifies Kimblee's alchemy, which also causes the same marking to appear on the armor. He reveals that he plans to create the Philosopher's Stone in Al's body, which is similar to what his brother tried to do with his own body. He also states that Lust can't stop him since he attached the locket to Al's armor and that her dream will fail if she tries to stop his attempt.

After helping Rosé get back to the rest of her people, Ed decides to leave to stop Scar from committing his atrocity and, upon learning the townsfolk will break up into smaller groups, he bids both Rosé and Lyra farewell and departs. Using Kimblee's corpse as bait with Lust's help, Scar provides Archer the excuse to mobilize the troops and they begin to swarm the city. Despite her being invulnerable, Scar shields Lust from the gunshots fired by some soldiers out of impulse before she kills them. He admits he didn't do it for her, but instead for the woman she was modeled after. Scar and Lust then move to a safe place. He admits he hated his brother for becoming an exile and turning his back on Ishvala despite having saved his life in the war; however, Scar makes it clear that the Elric brothers clearly have a better relationship with one another, seeing them living only for one another and their hardships had made him realize he truly did loved his brother. Urging Lust to leave, Scar answers her question about his real name that he simply no longer deserves one. Ed confronts Archer, but he ignores his words about Reole's surrender due to Kimblee's death, which Ed blames due to his obsession with glory. Once word is received of Scar being sited, Archer personally heads in while his men restrain Ed.

Scar admits that he no longer has to worry about living anymore as he activates the giant transmutation array with the last of his strength, sacrificing himself and the soldiers within. Mustang, Hawkeye, and Armstrong finish off the Chimeras and the rest of the Mustang Unit arrive to explain what is happening. Ed urges the remaining soldiers to take care of the wounded and retreat as he heads to the desert remains of Reole; all he can find is Al. Surprised to find his brother there, Al worries about blowing up. But once the two discuss the recent events, Ed realizes what Scar's plan was and confirms it when Al opens up the belly of his armor to see the Philosopher's Stone that Scar created. Lust appears, confirming this and states the two need to run since every force will now be after them. Once Al realizes he has the locket Scar gave him, which is why Lust can't attack, she leaves and the Elrics are now worried about what's to come.

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