The Dwarf in the Flask
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Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Episode number 40
Title The Dwarf in the Flask
Japan airdate January 17, 2010
U.S.A. airdate January 21, 2010 (online stream)
April 10, 2011
Run time 0:24:40
Language Japanese/English
Subtitles English
Preceded by Daydream
Followed by The Abyss

Long ago, the blood of a simple slave was used in an experiment which created a strange, shapeless being. In exchange for the gift of existence, the being gave the slave a name – and cursed him with immortality.

Episode NotesEdit

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 74: The Dwarf in the Flask, Chapter 75: The Last Days of Xerxes and Chapter 76: Shape of a Person, Shape of a Stone.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Philosopher's Stone array seen in the ruins of Xerxes.
  • The Japanese text for this episode's title is written as "The Little One in the Flask", but read as "Homunculus". Subsequently, the American broadcast listed this episode with both interpretations as "Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)" so as not to lose either meaning.
  • Edward's explanation of how Kimblee's alchemy works is omitted from the episode. This was possibly done to avoid mention of a hexagram which forms when Kimblee puts his palms (tattooed with triangles) together, because hexagrams can be regarded as a reference to Judaism.
  • Although a mistransliteration in the original manga chapter misspells Pride's human name as "Selim Bladley", the error is corrected in this episode.
  • Van Hohenheim's appearance as a young man seems a tad older and better-fed than his appearance in the corresponding manga chapter.
  • In the manga, there is nothing to suggest that the mural in the King of Xerxes' throne room ever held jewels, however, it is depicted with large sapphires, emeralds and rubies in this episode as well as during the first opening theme.
  • Hohenheim's comment to Izumi that he is a monster is omitted from this episode, presumably for time or dramatic effect.
  • Ed's discussion with Miles about the size and shapes of Philosopher Stones, along with scenes of Van Hohenheim discussing matters with Izumi and Sig at a dinner table, was cut from the American broadcast due to time restraints.

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