When Martel divulges the real cause of the Ishvalan war, and the dark series of events that led to her transformation into a chimera, Ed and Al must question everything they've believed.

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As Gracia and Elicia are outside, inside their house, Sgt. Brosh and Lt. Ross interrogate Winry and Sheska for their actions at Central Command. Since the two cannot say what happened, Ross and Brosh leave, but not before Winry mentions something dangerous is happening within the military. With it clear that it is too dangerous to remain in Central, Winry decides to return to Resembool, taking Sheska with her, who is upset with leaving her books behind. On the military train bound for Reole, Colonel Mustang is shocked that Kimblee has been reinstated as a state alchemist and is part of their operation. Mustang demands answers and Colonel Archer claims that false charges were used to imprison Kimblee and he was part of the sinister experiments at Laboratory 5. Though Mustang is angered by the mention of false charges knowing that Kimblee is a sadist, since Archer is now a full Colonel as well, Mustang can no longer override his orders. Scar is spotted by a military balloon as he drags a huge rock in the sand around Reole and is photographed.

That night in the desert, Edward, now aware of Martel's identity, admitted he killed Greed, and considers her as a criminal along with Greed for kidnapping Alphonse and that Greed killed Dante. Martel takes out a knife and throws it seemingly at Ed, but actually at a snake. As she carves up the snake and gives it to Ed, Martel reveals Ed isn't her target due to her understanding that Greed wanted to die at Ed's hands. Her real targets are the State Military, the other Homunculi, and especially Kimblee for betraying their group. The next day as they are riding along, Martel reveals to the Elrics that they are already in Ishval. After stopping, when Martel asks what they are looking for, the Elrics respond it is the Philosopher's Stone that was said to exist there during the war. Martel is surprised since the Ishvalans did not offer any resistance, and when Ed mentions how the war started, Martel is surprised that is how the military presented the story.

Martel reveals she was imprisoned in Laboratory 5 for fourteen years, and only looks young due to her chimera abilities. Before that, she and the other human chimeras were part of a black ops unit dispatched to launch an attack on Ishval due to alleged report of Ishval plotting to commit acts of terrorism against Amestris. They killed a number of priests at a monastery in the process, leaving only Scar's Master as the only surviving priest, which started the Ishval Civil War. Ed is angrily surprised by the lack of reason and then, moving back into Al's armor, Martel revealed that her unit was placed in custody after the war started, and under Basque Grand and Dr. Marcoh's supervision, the survivors were taken to Lab 5 and turned into Chimeras to silence them to cover up the truth. Just as Ed is angered by this revelation, he notices some people nearby, who are Lts. Breda and Havoc. Despite Breda and Havoc trying to hide, Al recognizes their voices and learn they were sent to check the security at the old Ishvalan site. Heading with them to the nearby military outpost, the Elrics meet with Mustang and Archer, where Mustang admits he's heard about how their recent exploits having been giving them trouble. Wanting to know what the huge military force is going to be used for, Archer reveals to stop an uprising, which Ed believes Scar is involved and wishes to help since they are also after him.

That night at dinner, Ed reveals he is trying to stop Scar from committing an atrocity and Al tries to sneak food to Martel inside his armor, but Lt. Hawkeye catches Al and scolds him for pretending to eat, much to Martel's anger. Ed then sees the photos from the surveillance balloon which confirms Scar is drawing up a large Transmutation Array around a city. Pretending that he doesn't know Scar's reason is, Ed learns that the city is Reole. Ed also learns that despite what he and Al did last year to get rid of Cornello, the townsfolk divided into two factions, which rose together against the military when they intervened. Mustang also admits Hughes informed him about this a while back, but he chose not to tell Ed. Later as the rest of Mustang's squadron agree to keep the details of Hughes' death a secret from the Elrics, Mustang walks in on a meeting between Archer and Ed. Archer reveals that Ed has agreed to a reconnaissance mission to Reole for Archer due to Ed's past experience in Reole, under the condition that Al remains behind. Ed admits to Mustang in the hall he only talked to Archer, since Mustang would have denied his request.

Talking it over with Al and Martel in their room, Ed admits he wanted Al to remain behind since Archer doesn't trust him. Al agrees with Ed that the giant transmutation circle is likely for creating the Philosopher's Stone. Martel, who is happy to be out of the armor, admits she held back against Archer since the other Homunculi and Kimblee are her first targets, which Al doesn't approve. Before heading out in disguise, Ed is told by Major Armstrong to leave his State Alchemist pocket watch behind per Archer's orders. Unknown to them, Archer's intention is to give the alchemist pocket watches to Mr. Tucker to have red stones placed into them.

Ed meets with the foodstand owner he met before, pretending to be a resident who returned recently after being driven out by Cornello's actions. The owner admits that Cornello was terrible and seems to recognize Ed's face. After trying to talk his way out of it, Ed learns that the public figure the "Holy Mother" is arriving. As Ed discovers this person is Rosé, back at the Military outpost, Al comes across a soldier trying to keep someone out of sight. Once the other person is confirmed as Kimblee, Martel angrily leaves Al's armor ready to attack Kimblee. In Reole, Ed is walking around, being observed by Lust and Gluttony, who know they'll have to kill him for finding out the truth about the Ishval war. Gluttony smells Scar as the vengeful Ishvalan recognizes Ed and grabs his shoulder.

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