Even military people live normal lives. They search for love, have their hearts broken, and get scared just like everyone else.

Episode Notes

  • The first part of the episode is adapted from the content of Bonus Chapter: Roy Mustang's Observation Diary, while the Bachelor Lieutenant portion of the episode is adapted from content in Bonus Chapter: The Second Lieutenant Goes to Battle!, and the Warehouse 13 part is adapted from a mini-story in the first FMA Light Novel: The Land of Sand.
  • This is the only episode in the series where its protagonists Edward and Alphonse Elric do not appear.
  • Instead of Al narrating the first part of the opening, Hawkeye does it, and it portrays the Mustang Unit (along with Major Armstrong and Maes Hughes) in a picture instead of the Elrics.
  • A tumbleweed blows by in the second half of the episode. There is a fan created day (December 18th) that has been dubbed "International FMA Tumbleweed Appreciation Day", celebrating the tumbleweed.

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