Edward uncovers a conspiracy of staggering scope: a plot that has already claimed countless victims. Clues suggest that Fort Briggs will soon know bloodshed – and an entire nation will suffer.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 66: The Snow Queen and Chapter 67: Burgeoning Borders.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode is the array used to create the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Though spelled "Reole" in the corresponding manga chapter, the town's name is printed as "Liore" on Falman's map in this episode.
  • The scene involving Ed's recollection of Isaac McDougal is, of course, an anime-only occurrence.
  • In the English dub of this episode, Falman defines the Riviere incident as occurring in 1588 when it actually occurred in 1558. Later on, Edward makes a remark including the event's actual date, suggesting that Falman's line was merely a production oversight.
  • For some reason, the dub also adds a bizarre voice effect over monster Envy in the flashback, something that was not present in episode 28.
  • Much of Falman's participation in the corresponding manga chapters is cut from this episode, including when he travels with the Briggs team for the first down into the tunnel, among other things.
  • The pistol that Buccaneer uses to coerce Ed is very similar to the Mauser C96.
  • By telling Buccaneer that Falman is a "close friend", Edward helps Falman get his career back on track. From this episode on, Falman is never seen on icicle-duty again and is almost always seen accompanying Buccaneer, and ultimately assumes command from him when he is no longer able to lead. Following the Promised Day, he returns to The Northern Wall along with the Ice Queen, replacing Buccaneer as Captain.

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