Major Armstrong battles Greed's men in the sewers in an attempt to save Al, while up above, Ed escapes the military's clutches for a showdown with Greed. As Lust suggests the battle is part of some larger plan, Greed morphs his body into an impervious shield, and swears Ed must kill him if he wants to see Al again. But is there another way?

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While Winry waits alone at the Curtises' meat shop, Ed, Sig, and Izumi are being detained by the State Military under Lt. Colonel Archer's orders. Archer personally welcomes both Kimblee and Mr. Tucker back into the military, stating that Tucker can continue his research under his command. Archer then issues the orders for the extermination of the Devil's Nest resistance, stating that he can create more chimeras with Tucker's help. The battle in the sewers continues as the soldiers continue killing the members of Greed's gang, including Bido. While Dolcetto faces the soldiers pursing them, Greed and the others move ahead, only to be confronted by Major Armstrong, who demands that Al be returned to them. As Lust and Gluttony observe the situation, Roa faces against Armstrong and, after Armstrong turns the top of his hammer into an artistic version of himself, Roa transforms into his chimera form. After the two use their brute strength to injure each other, Roa reveals he is also an Ishval Civil War veteran like him. Just as the reinforcements for both sides arrive, Armstrong urges them to surrender. However, Roa punches a wall for the gang to escape and prevents the military from following them. Greed reveals he'll make sure to punish Kimblee and Tucker for their betrayal later.

Meanwhile, Ed and the Curtises escape, leaving fake dolls of themselves behind. Lust and Gluttony confront Greed and the last of his gang in a nearby building, demanding he die or be sealed away, revealing their master is very angry with him. Once Dolcetto cuts Al free, he and Roa decide to hold the two homunculi back so Greed and Al can escape, also encouraging Al to take care of Martel who is still in Al's armor. Ed, who is looking for Al alone, notices a disturbance towards Dante's house; Greed separates from Al and Martel, asking that Martel remain in Al's armor until the following day so at least she can survive, despite her objections. Having killed Roa and Dolcetto, Lust and Gluttony watch as Greed enters Dante's house, with Lust noting that their job is done. Inside, Greed encounters Lyra, who knows he was born in the house, and directs him to another room. Upon entering, Greed slowly becomes weaker and notices some bones on a table, which Lyra reveals are his bones.

Greed demands to know what Dante told Lyra, to which Lyra shows him Dante's body already on the floor, cut in half. Lyra then activates a transmutation which Greed knows to be beyond the skill of a low-level alchemist like Lyra, and as Ed notices the transmutation outside, Greed begins vomiting red stones from his body. As Greed barely walks out of the circle, Lyra disappears and Ed arrives. Seeing Dante's body, Ed believes that Greed killed her, but Greed doesn't care, and with it clear Ed has come to save Al, Greed prepares to face Ed in battle despite his weakened state. Transforming into his full armored state, Greed overpowers Ed, damaging his automail arm and knocking him to the ground. After reminding Ed what he said before about killing him, Ed is able to perform alchemy on Greed's arm then transmute the knuckles on the automail arm to turn it to flesh and bone. Ed reveals that the secret to Greed's shield is that he raises the carbon in his body and continues attacking different points to Greed's body, and demands where Al is. Ignoring Ed, Greed continues his offensive, exchanging blows, until Ed transmutes Greed's chest so he can drive his automail sword through it, which finishes Greed off.

As he lays dying, Greed reveals he already released Al, and that while the homunculi are born from a failed human transmutation, when exposed to the remains of the human they were created from, that particular homunculus becomes weaker, which is the homunculi's only weakness. Greed encourages Ed to defeat the other homunculi and reveals he wished to die instead of being sealed away again. Ed is anguished when he watches Greed pass away, and the skull that Archer has in his possession crumbles as well. The next day, Al and Martel watch the sun rise before Martel leaves and, once Al and Izumi meet up with Ed, the trio bury Greed and Dante. Ed reveals to Izumi that he arrived too late to save Dante and has no idea where Lyra is. Later, the Elric brothers and Winry are prepared to leave and Ed reveals that they are heading to Ishbal and requests that Izumi go into hiding for a while in case the military are after her. Once Ed admits he won't give up until he and Al get their bodies back, Izumi and Sig watch as the Elrics and Winry leave.

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