Izumi sends the Elrics to meet her teacher, Dante, who also knew their father. Upon arrival, there is little time for idle chat -- Envy, Sloth, and Greed have all entered the vicinity.

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Continuing from the previous episode, Alphonse attacks Wrath, only for Izumi to interfere. However, Wrath responds to her embrace by using alchemy. He rips off a piece of her shirt to turn his left arm into hair to send her away and stuff it into Al's body to control him. Wrath then uses him to attack Edward and crush his automail arm. Not wanting him to disassemble his body, Al breaks free and attacks, revealing that Wrath is the only homunculus able to use alchemy due to having Ed's original arm and leg. He also states that the power to assimilate his body with objects is his power. After knocking down Al, both Ed and Wrath use alchemy to each summon a spear and duel each other. As Winry objects to the battle, Ed succeeds in knocking him down. As Wrath taunts Ed on how he can get those limbs back, Izumi interferes again by creating a tremor with alchemy, which frightens the young homunculus. As Envy and Sloth watch on, Izumi explains to the Elrics that Wrath is her problem and she wishes for them not to interfere. Izumi's condition affects her, forcing Winry to remain behind to look after of her. Wrath escapes and the Elrics pursue him, only to encounter Envy, disguised as Führer Bradley, and Sloth, using her civilian identity as Juliet Douglas. The two have a talk with them about human transmutation which, unknown to the Elrics, Wrath is hidden away in Sloth's body. Once the Elrics leave, not mentioning Izumi created Wrath, the two homunculi also decide to head to their master's place and inform her about Greed since she, as his creator, would know how to stop him.

Back at the Southern Slums, Scar is pressuring the Exile about his knowledge on his tattooed arm, who mentions the lives that are contained within it. Rick and Rio arrive to inform him of the military's presence in the area. Lt. Hawkeye announces that as long as there is no resistance, the Ishvalans will be escorted to the official military settlement for them to live once they confirm all the refugees' identities. As Yoki intervenes, hoping to find Scar to get what he was promised, he is apparently shot dead by a gunshot wound in the head. Despite not hearing gunfire, unknown to the Mustang Unit and the other soldiers present, the "gunshots" are actually Lust's "Ultimate Spear", with Gluttony mimicking the gunfire sounds. However, the situation tensifies when some of the soldiers start firing their guns in confusion, and it injures a few refugees. Pretending to be part of their group, the words of the two homunculi convince the more radical Ishvalans to fight despite that Scar's Master is trying to keep the situation tense. As the Ishvalan refugees start throwing rocks, Colonel Mustang decides to step in to get the riot under control.

Back at Dublith, Izumi announces that she has had enough and expels the Elrics for going against her wishes. The two head out gracefully, but with Winry and Sig's encouragement, they realize now that they are no longer her pupils and can start a true relationship with her. Leaving the train station, they stand up to her violent threats as they ask for information on creating a Philosopher's Stone without human sacrifice, which is why they needed to talk with her. Unbeknownst to them, Lt. Colonel Archer is keeping them under observation, especially due to the conflicting reports of the Führer being in the south, investigating the homunculi, despite that he is at Central Command. He mentions to Major Armstrong that he hopes, by following the Elrics' movements, he can confront the Chimeras and Kimblee again. Greed decides to leave to investigate something while his henchmen return to the Devil's Nest.

After Izumi mentions of how Al came back from the gate with his memories and bodies, she points out her doubts on how true the term Equivalent Exchange is supposed be, by giving her own mistake as an example. She then asks the eavesdropping Mason to direct them to the home of her teacher, Dante, to pick up medicine for her. The next morning, Ed ignores Al's question on how homunculi are born as they travel and when they arrive, they recognize the girl who answers the door as Lyra, who was Yoki's former subordinate that they met three years ago. As she leads them to where Dante is, she mentions she is her student to improve her alchemy and become as great as her, and also thanks Ed for granting her this opportunity, although he notices that her personality is different compared to before. As the two meet Dante, and learn of her connection to Izumi, Greed observes them and sends word to have his forces join up with him as Kimblee talks with Mr. Tucker about Archer's offer due to Tucker also being a former State Alchemist. As Dante responds to the Elrics' question about using alchemy to help people, which is her reason for studying it, she then responds to their second question that the Philosopher's Stone can only bring people unhappiness and she identifies that their father was also after the stone, to whom she also knew.

She also inquires for information to Hohenheim's whereabouts, which Ed doesn't care about, and he angrily heads outside. This only helps with Greed's plans, and sends the chimeras to deal with Al, while he and Kimblee deal with Ed. As Ed begins the fight yet finds his automail arm useless against Greed's Ultimate Shield, Greed knocks him unconscious. Al spots the unconscious Lyra and heads back to Dante, who is being held at knife-point by Greed's henchmen. The chimeras reveal they plan to kidnap Al and ask he doesn't resist. Al pretends to use the concept of not going with strangers to get Dolcetto to drop his guard by having Dolcetto lecture him, so he can hit him. Al makes it clear he is not going with them as he prepares to face Roa and Martel.

Episode Notes

  • The title of this episode may be a reference to opening lines of the first book in The Divine Comedy series, Dante's Inferno.
  • Wrath's relief and warm emotions in being rescued by his mother's embrace is a prime example of a Homunculus's conflicted psyche; the state of being torn between the dual identities of the person they were meant to be and the individuals that they are themselves. (See: here for more information.) It is also the first indication that Wrath's love for his mother still resonates deeply inside of him, beneath even all of the hatred, rage and bitterness.
  • The Elric brothers' difficulty on talking to each other about how homunculi are born hints that they have begun to suspect who was born as a result of their own transgression with Human Transmutation. This subject is brought up again during Episode 41.

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