Envy reveals the truth to the homunculus child, and with Izumi's secrets exposed as well, the Elric brothers try to stop their teacher's plan of atonement.

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At Central City, a huge military force including the Mustang Unit is being deployed to head to the Southern Slums to apprehend Scar. While waiting for the train to leave, Sgt. Fuery questions about the use of force against the Ishvalan refugees. While Colonel Mustang verifies their mission is to catch only Scar, Officer Falman reminds them that given the recent mercenary incident against the refugees, the refugees might have trouble trusting the State Military. Rick and Rio, under the orders of Scar's master, search for him, and upon returning to his tent, the the Ishvalan exile is nervous around Scar until noticing his tattoo. Back at the Southern Command building, Major Armstrong recognizes and identifies Kimblee, the former Crimson Alchemist. Ed and Al hold off Izumi, which allows for Envy, disguised as Führer Bradley, to make off with the boy. Izumi tries to attack Armstrong with alchemy, but he, thinking that it's the real Führer, counters her attack. While Armstrong and Izumi continue fighting, the Elrics face against Bido and Kimblee. As Ed recognizes the secret to Kimblee's alchemic abilities, Lt. Colonel Archer is overhearing their conversation.

Taking him to a small storage area, Envy reveals to the boy the truth about his arm and leg and gives him red stones to eat, explaining that homunculi are required to eat them to survive and also learns of his alchemic abilities, due to Ed's arm and leg in his possession. The boy, who is Wrath, regains his memories about the gate. As he and Bido are leaving, Kimblee encounters Archer, who asks if the Führer or Basque Grand are responsible for him still being alive. While Kimblee doesn't know, Archer also mentions that he is capable of getting him exonerated for his past crimes and allow him to be reinstated back into the military. As the Elrics find the defeated Armstrong, Izumi finds the boy and notices his bodily changes, while Archer learns the Führer is actually at Central Command and had no plans to travel south. The Elrics realize Izumi is gone and decide to leave too knowing it is more important to find her first, since they'll only be questioned.

Back at the Curtis' shop, the Elrics ask Sig where Izumi has gone. While Sig refuses to answer, Winry tells the Elrics about Izumi's human transmutation and they realize she left to where she performed it: Yock Island. While with Wrath, Izumi remembers the day of the transmutation, as he mentions to hurry up and kill him. The Elrics and Winry arrive by boat on the island, and, as Envy watches on, they arrive in time to save Izumi from being strangled to death. Stopping Ed from attacking, Izumi reveals she created Wrath as the result of the failed human transmutation of her dead son and placed him within The Gate while there. Wrath informs Ed about Envy telling him homunculi are born as the result of a failed human transmutation. As Mustang's group arrive at the Southern Slums, which Yoki is happy with, unknown to everyone present at the slums, Lust and Gluttony are nearby in disguise. Sloth travels to Yock Island.

Greed and his group travel to Yock Island as well and are greeted by Envy, who points out to him that it's too late to recruit Wrath. Greed faces him, and Envy suspects that he is hiding the skull that imprisoned him in Laboratory 5 somewhere. Sloth arrives and deals with the chimeras and Kimblee. After Envy introduces Sloth, Greed retreats with his group, not wishing to deal with two homunculi at once. Sloth then asks Envy about Wrath's whereabouts, but Envy says that he already met him and that he should be with Edward by now. Sloth then reminds Envy about their plan of using Wrath as bait to put the Elrics back on the trail of the Philosopher's Stone. Envy apologizes but gleefully then states that he only set Edward up with Wrath just to see him suffer. Meanwhile, back at Yock Island, Wrath reveals that during his time in the gate, his body grew for quite some time. As years passed, when Wrath claimed Ed's arm and leg for himself, he was able to break out. Wrath also reveals that he plans to become human by stealing the rest of Ed's body. Knowing that Ed is unwilling to fight, Al decides to fight Wrath in Ed's place, determined to get his brother's missing limbs back.

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