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Episode 30: Assault on South Headquarters (2003 series)

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Assault on South Headquarters
Ep. 30
Series Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Episode number 30
Title Assault on South Headquarters
Japan airdate May 1th, 2004
U.S.A. airdate October 8th, 2005
Language English/Japanese
Subtitles English
Preceded by The Untainted Child
Followed by Sin


Archer arrests the mysterious boy on suspicion of being a homunculus conspirator. Infuriated, Izumi leaps into action, single-handedly attacking the military.

Episode NotesEdit

  • The Homunculus Pride is first mentioned by Greed in this episode, though his identity is not revealed until ten episodes later.
  • The scene of Major Armstrong and Sig Curtis showing up their muscular bodies is based off Chapter 28: A Fool's Courage from the manga. The only difference is that Frank Archer, a character exclusive to this series, is the man accompanying Armstrong, rather than the Führer, as in the manga. Additionally in the manga, Bradley is wearing vacation-themed clothing instead of his military uniform.

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