Ed and Al face the false prophet Cornello, a supposed miracle worker using the science of alchemy for sinister reasons.

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The forbidden alchemy of attempting to bring their mom back from the dead cost the Elric brothers - Edward to lose his limbs and Al his entire body. They need the stone to fix their bodies to the way they were before. Father Cornello transmutes his cane into a machine gun which holds off the Elrics until Cray arrives with some backup, forcing Ed to transmute a nearby wall into a door for the them to escape. When Rosé is conflicted with what the Elrics said, the priest claims that with his Philosopher's Stone he won't make the same mistake as them and promises to show her where Cain is as a reward for her faith in the Sun God.

Father Cornello takes Rosé to a room where a shadowy figure, hidden behind drapes, is assumed to be Rosé’s resurrected boyfriend; though she is not allowed to see him as ‘his body is not complete yet’, but she notices a pile of bird feathers on the floor. The followers of the priest then broadcast across Reole about the Elric brothers and how they are ‘disbelievers’ and tried to take the life of Father Cornello, leading the town to turn against them. Confrontation between the people of Reole and Edward happens, where Rosé then dramatically announces that her dead boyfriend Cain has been brought to life and that Edward is a liar. The sun god statues come to life and start hitting Ed and Al.

Ed is captured, taken to the priest, who takes his pocket watch thinking it is the source of his abilities of transmuting without a circle and has Ed locked up. The next day Al, completely undamaged is shown to be sneaking off with a bell. The mysterious woman from before appears in the priests’ room and warns him to keep the real reason behind the Philosopher's Stone a secret. Rosé, now hesitant of the priest, sneaks in and discovers that her boyfriend Cain has not been brought to life. The figure is similar to a badly formed large bird and can only mimic human sounds. Father Cornello explains that even with the stone, he can't risk what the Elrics had done, and then leaves the bird to attack Rosé, while he goes off to ‘take care’ of Edward. Al then comes to save Rosé. In his prison, Edward manages to make the priest confess everything about how he thinks the people of Reole are ‘mindless pawns’. Ed then reveals a hidden microphone broadcasting everything the priest has said to the people of Reole. Ed then tells the priest that Al is alive and what the statues attacked was actually junk Ed transmuted to look like Al.

The priest runs outside where he sees the people of Reole have gathered and are frantically questioning him. In order to save himself, he makes the sun god statues move and brands it as a ‘miracle’. Edward, extremely irritated, uses alchemy to move the largest statue of the sun god. This display of Ed’s alchemic power stuns the priest and Al explains to Rosé that Ed's pocket watch has nothing to do with his abilities. Father Cornello attempts to use the Philosopher's Stone which then bursts and disfigures his arm, revealing the stone to be a fake. The disappointed brothers realize they will have to start searching again.

Later, as Ed and Al preparing to leave the town, Rosé confronts them, angry with the Elrics for taking away the town's hope, but Ed replies by telling her to "walk on [her] own and move forward." Elsewhere, the mysterious woman - Lust, reveals to Father Cornello that the whole town was ‘juicy bait’ to the real stone seekers. Her stout companion Gluttony then eats the preacher up and Envy is forced to take the priest's form to convince the people with one more ‘miracle’. While the people rejoice, Rosé is left conflicted. A flashback then starts, with Al, in voice over, trying to tell Rosé about his and Ed's selves and their years of searching before Al leaves the town with Ed.

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