Ed and Al's childhood teacher, Izumi, ships the boys back to her hometown for a frightening interrogation.

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Continuing from the previous episode, when Ed notices Sig right behind Al, he realizes what is happening and tries to escape through the window, only to get knocked to the floor. Their teacher and Sig's wife Izumi has arrived, having heard of their exploits and has trouble recognizing Al before knocking him down as well.

Back at Eastern Command, Lt. General Grumman confirms that Colonel Mustang's transfer to Central Command has been confirmed. After beating him in a chess game, Mustang requests to have his subordinates transferred with him.

On the train to Dublith, Winry is surprised by Izumi's violent behavior, and the Elrics reveal she had been to Resembool before. In the past, prior to their first meeting, Ed and Al were studying alchemy on their own and were reading through their dad's books to learn about Human Transmutation. One day, when a heavy rainstorm was causing trouble, Ed and Al attempted to help Resembool's workers in keeping most of the water from overloading and making it worse for their village. However their Alchemy attempt fails, before the Curtis' arrive and Izumi succeed in blocked the extra water with a better version of the technique they tried to use without a transmutation circle, which saves the town before Izumi coughs up blood and passes out.

The next day, as the Resembool residents thanks her for the help while she is in bed, the Elric brothers ask for her to become their alchemy teacher. After putting up with their behavior, and why they wish to learn Alchemy, Izumi agrees once Pinako reveals to her that the two were orphans. Izumi gives a condition for them to have a thirty-day trial to see if they have what it takes to deserve her training. Izumi takes them to Dublith, though they quickly anger her by asking if she is a State Alchemist. Back in the present, Winry finally remembers her just as Ed and Al break loose, only to get cut off and recaptured.

At Eastern Command, Mustang spreads the word to Hawkeye, Havoc (much to his disappointment for having found a girlfriend), Fuery, Breda, and Hughes' former subordinate Falman (at his request) that they'll be transferred to Central with him. The Elrics, the Curtis' and Winry arrive in Dublith, and see a little girl who's cat is going to give birth to kittens and Sig's assistant Mason who insults Ed about his height. While eating dinner, as the Elrics mention their adventures, including helping in the birth of Elicia, Mason changes the subject when Winry asks why the Curtis' have no children. Deciding to have the Elrics go outside to show their alchemy skills, Al goes first and is able to perform an impressive transmutation.

Before Ed can go, a group of children arrive so Izumi can fix their train with alchemy, but she fixes it without it to prove that alchemy should not be used for everything. The same girl from earlier arrives who needs their help: her cat Chico is in trouble. After the group scares away the dog that chased up a building, they learn that Chico has given birth, but she is in bad shape. Ed uses alchemy to stop one of the kittens from falling off, something Izumi notices, and Chico dies from her wounds. Izumi has to explain to the girl that alchemy is not all-powerful and nothing can bring Chico back. When asked about using human transmutation, Izumi recalls their asking that question again and reminds them of the answer she said back during their training. Izumi then reveals she could tell that Al's armor is hollow, and Ed's automail limbs along with the ability to transmute without a circle are the result of Human Transmutation, asking if they seen it, which Ed confirms. After Ed confesses about transmuting their mom, Izumi angrily beats up both him and Al before embracing both of them.

Episode Notes

  • There is a rather significant difference in this version of Ed and Al's reunion with Izumi and their declaration of how they chose to perform Human Transmutation despite her direct forbidding given during their apprenticeship.  In both the manga and the 2009 anime version, although Izumi attacks Ed and Al, she stops soon after she declares that she already knew their bodies had been affected by some tragic accident (recognizing that there is no body inside Al's armor, and that Ed's left leg and right arm are automail). However, in this version, she beats Ed until he collapses, covered with bruises and cuts. It is only after he pulls himself up to his knees, expecting the beating to continue, that she surprises both brothers by embracing them gently and allowing them to finally grieve. While the manga/Brotherhood version still began this harshly, she embraces them much sooner and comforts them, but her attack in this version lasts much longer, and is seemingly merciless.

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