Visions of the past play out by a warming fire as Hohenheim reflects on the unavoidable follies of man: the pain that comes with a loving family; the hidden truths of alchemy; and the roots and results of war.

Episode Cards

Episode Notes

  • This episode is a recap of the events of the first 26 episodes and also provides valuable insight into Hohenheim's character.
  • None of the events regarding Hohenheim and his interactions with Father, Pinako, and Trisha in this episode are part of the main story, nor does it follow the series timeline, as this episode is actually part of Hohenheim's dream.
  • The Transmutation Circle which appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Human Transmutation Circle used by the Elric brothers.
  • This episode features the young Pinako Rockbell and Trisha Elric both as a child and an adult.
  • This episode also features many shots of the in-joke brand of booze "Stray Dog", named after a previous series of Arakawa's, which has also appeared several times in the manga.
  • This episode is the first episode of the third season.
  • While "Tsunai Da Te" replaces "Let It Out" as the ending from this episode on (at least until episode 39), the latter plays as an insert song near the end of the episode.

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