Doorway of Darkness
Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Episode number 25
Title Doorway of Darkness
Japan airdate September 27, 2009
U.S.A. airdate October 1, 2009 (online stream)
August 1, 2010
Run time 0:24:41
Language Japanese/English
Subtitles English
Preceded by Inside the Belly
Followed by Reunion

The Homunculi are winning. Ed and Ling face a horrific enemy within the hellish expanse of Gluttony’s gut. In Central, Mustang can only watch as his loyal band of soldiers is divided by Bradley.

Episode Cards

Episode Notes

  • The marking that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Ouroboros mark worn by the Homunculi.
  • Much of the light-hearted exchanges between Ed and Ling in the original manga, mostly entailing how Edward will be remembered as the man who fed a boot to the next Emperor in Xingese history, is omitted, presumably for time.

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