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Hughes tasks Armstrong, Brosh, and Ross to investigate what's going on inside the 5th laboratory. Meanwhile, with Alphonse held hostage by Lust, Ed is forced to attempt the unthinkable.

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Lt. Colonel Hughes, while in his pajamas, talks with Colonel Mustang over the phone about the Scar and Dr. Marcoh situation without mentioning what the Elrics are presently doing, believing it to be the better choice for now. He then issues the orders to Major Armstrong, Sergeant Brosh, and 2nd Lt. Ross to investigate with the team that he arranged as security for the library to what's going on inside the 5th Laboratory. Scar and Alphonse continue their battle with Lust and Gluttony. Despite his best efforts, Scar is injured by Gluttony, knocking him through a wall and causing him to collapse and fall into the hole made by the explosion earlier. Gluttony backs off when he recognizes the bottom as the chamber Greed was sealed in. After Lust reveals she first saw the Elrics four years ago during the Majhal incident, Al asks about Lust's creation since a Homunculus is an artificial person with no record of one being successfully created. Lust proves how real she is by immobilizing Al with her "Ultimate Spear" ability, while Gluttony eats a part of Al's armor, causing it to dissolve.

Back in the room with the red water, Ed can now see that the facility was related to a huge military alchemy experiment with the stone, namely Human Transmutation. Mr. Tucker reveals that Dr. Marcoh was the one who set up this room before he was brought there and points out that even if Ed transmutes humans as Philosopher's Stone ingredients, he couldn't transmute them back like what happened with Nina and the younger Slicer Brother, and their sacrifices could still be useful in making a complete stone which the older Slicer brother agrees with. Ed, thinking of Alphonse, transmutes the ceiling and finds another giant transmutation circle. Meanwhile, as a now-dressed Hughes and his group are leaving Central Command, they encounter the Führer who agrees to accompany them with an additional unit due to the suspicions of Lab 5. Arriving to check the room above the transmutation circle, Ed confirms the transmutation will work before leaving unaware that Envy disguised as Basque Grand is there who is hiding with the convicts from Central Prison, though Kimblee knows it isn't the real Grand due to a difference in this Grand's behavior. Ed reveals to Tucker that he'll transmute the incomplete stones in the rooms from both floors using both transmutation circles to complete the stone. Ed transforms the lower circle into a seven-point circle to better condense the stones.

While the prisoners upstairs are demanding to be let out, when another prisoner mocks Kimblee that he used simple bombs during the Ishval Civil War, Kimblee mentions his atomic and molecular composition manipulation that he uses for his explosive alchemy. Demonstrating his ability on that prisoner using the red water in the tank as an amplifier, Kimblee creates a large explosion that knocks the other prisoners down to the floor where Ed is. Ed is surprised by the prisoners there, and quickly realizes he could have transmuted them without knowing it. Demanding to know who brought them there, Envy, as Grand, shows up, stating he did and, acting like Grand, demands who ordered Fullmetal to go into the Lab. Ed attacks him, forcing Envy to revert due to Ed having been present when Scar killed the real Grand. Envy quickly irritates Ed and quickly beats him with a few kicks after Ed's automail arm completely breaks down. Before hurting Ed even more due to the young alchemist's relation to his father, Lust shows up. Lust demands that Ed transmutes the prisoners as Gluttony brings in the captive Al where the arms and legs on his armor had been melted away. Al reveals them as Homunculi, which Tucker confirms due to his promise with them in exchange for their help in bringing Nina back to life with his memories. Envy demands that Ed continues the process by first repairing the ceiling.

Seeing Ed's anger, Lust reveals that since Homunculi can't use alchemy, they have to use someone else. When Ed mentions why they need the stone for, Lust reveals they want to be a human, though Ed knows an alchemist likely created them, which Envy is angered by this and kicks Ed again, telling Fullmetal that they were born, not created. Lust then reveals that over the years, they had dropped hints of the Philosopher's Stone for someone to eventually complete it. Ed realizes that other than informing Marcoh and Tucker, the homunculi were also behind Mugear and Cornello's actions. Once Ed realizes that since they were also responsible for manipulating his actions despite his own goals, he refuses. Lust then threatens Al's life by first destroying the older Slicer Brother's Blood Rune to prove her point before aiming her sharp finger at Al's seal. Despite Al's protests since feeling he is an imitation, Ed refuses to lose his brother at Lust's hands and repairs the damage with alchemy. As Gluttony holds the prisoners back and Ed begins setting things up, Scar arrives in the vent above the room and peeks to see what is happening.

Al refuses to return to his original human body if it turns out like this, but Lust and Envy explain for that to happen, a person's life would still need to be sacrificed. Accepting this as the truth, Ed prepares the transmutation as Al and Scar both watch, but backs out at the last second. That is when Scar intervenes, causing the red water tanks to break apart and encouraging Ed to take his younger brother and flee. However before he can do so, Ed accidentally comes into contact with the red water, which causes his alchemy abilities to quickly grow enhanced and out of control. Lust realizes that it is due to the large amount of red water and she, Gluttony, and Envy quickly flee. Outside, Bradley gives the orders to move in and a group of soldiers encounter Kimblee, who escaped earlier. That is also where Greed and the Human Chimeras are, who take down the soldiers and Kimblee is impressed with them. Armstrong, Ross, and Brosh arrive where Ed is and Armstrong quickly realizes that Ed's enhanced alchemy is going to hit into a rebound. Ross embraces Ed, which cancels out the rebound effect but leaves him unconscious. Outside, Lust, Gluttony, and Envy leave, disguised as military officers and Juliet Douglas secretly congratulates them on a good job as they are leaving. The episode ends with Armstrong exiting the building, carrying both the Elric brothers in his arms.

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