The two psychotic guardians of Laboratory Five attack Ed and Al, and the confrontation forces the brothers to ponder difficult questions about life that could lead to disturbing answers.

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Recapping the events of the previous episode, the two guardians of Laboratory 5 unleash a terrible assault on Edward and Alphonse. Ed explains that because he spars against someone (Al) who is also a hallow, Ed could tell by the armor's movements. Number 48 responds by stating that he was previously a condemned criminal known as the Slicer who was ordered to be executed two years ago for his murderous rampage before his soul was bonded to the armor, confirming to Ed there is a connection between Lab 5 and Central Prison. Ed reveals to 48 that he is not immortal because he'll die if his Blood Rune is destroyed and that he now knows where it is, which 48 doesn't care since he loves a challenge. Continuing their battle, while fending off 48's sword, Ed is having difficulty hitting 48 with his automail sword due to his automail arm malfunctioning, causing Ed to recall what Winry said about it being more fragile due to the lighter weight. After Ed takes a wound in his right shoulder, 48 advises him to give up as Fullmetal is getting exhausted, explaining that no one is going to help him since his partner is dealing with Al outside. After learning his partner is weaker than 48, Ed is not worried since he has never beaten Al in a fight.

Meanwhile outside the Lab, Al easily dodges Number 66's attacks and eventually knocking him down, it reveals to Al that 66's body is also a hallow. 66 reveals to Al that he can't recognize him with his new body, but he had never forgotten that Al and Ed were the ones who had gotten him arrested and made into a condemned criminal. Revealing that 66 was his death row number, 66 reveals his true identity as Barry the Chopper, whom Al realizes was the same deranged murderer that Ed helped caught three years ago after the chopper himself kidnapped and tried to kill both Ed and Winry. Trying to intimidate Al because of his body, Barry finds it doesn't work since Al's body is a hallow too, and that neither of them knows where their respective Blood Rune is, though Barry is determined to find the seal on Al's body. Meanwhile back at the National Library, while talking to Major Armstrong about Scar's attack and the Elrics' present location, Sergeant Brosh prefers to remain silent, but noticing that Armstrong is suspicious, 2nd Lt. Ross quickly explains that the Elrics are at Lab 5 and they need to deploy troops there.

As Ed's sword battle with the Slicer continues, Ed's reactive dodging to his opponent's sword is starting to falter, as well as his automail arm still malfunctioning. Ed tries to use alchemy to summon a spear, but Slicer destroys it before Ed has a chance to use it. Creating a copy of Al through Alchemy, Slicer is caught off-guard, and Ed cuts off his helmet, knowing that without the Blood Seal, the rest of the body can't move just as Ed removes his automail sword. Grabbing the helmet, Ed hopes to interrogate Slicer about information on the Philosopher's Stone. However, Ed is caught off-guard and is cut across the chest, revealing the criminal known as the Slicer was actually a pair of brothers with another blood seal for the younger brother on the armor's body. Ed is now in a serious pinch as the younger Slicer brother won't allow Ed to use alchemy to recreate his automail sword or use any other transmutations, as well as the massive blood loss is starting to make Ed pass out. Knowing how important it is to live so he can return Al to his original body and then remembering Scar's destructive alchemy, Ed uses that technique out of desperation to dismantle the armor without destroying the younger Slicer Brother's blood seal. Recognizing they can no longer fight, both brothers suggest to Ed to destroy their blood seals, which Ed refuses out of respect for Al whose body is in the same situation.

Outside, Barry is still having difficulty fighting Al who wishes to end the fight so he can go help his brother. Once he figures out that Ed was the one who transmuted Al into his hallow body, Barry plays a mind game by making Al think that everything about him is artificial and his whole life is a big lie. Inside, though Ed explains that despite them being hallow since the Slicer brothers were once people, he can't kill them, something the elder brother finds laughable due to their lifetime of crime. Barry still questions if Al ever existed, causing Al to recall to both his and Ed's recent trip to Resembool and Ed was too scared to mention something.

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