Ed and Al set out for Resembool, but when Al vanishes from a remote train station, Ed is led on a detour that makes him question the one principle he believes in most.

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Lust and Gluttony arrive where Scar previously fled from, while elsewhere, Alphonse is worried about Dr. Marcoh, and Edward knows there is nothing they can do with him being in the Führer's custody. The only thing they have to go on is a note that Marcoh secretly dropped on the the ground for Ed, directing him to look for the "genuine truth behind truths" at the First Branch of the National Central Library, with Ed deciding to keep this a secret, having difficulty trusting the State Military. Colonel Mustang meets with Bradley, who is getting ready to return to Central Command now that Scar has been spotted in the east, and much to Mustang's relief, Bradley does not punish him for keeping Marcoh's whereabouts a secret. Bradley claims his intention was to put Marcoh in protective custody for everything he had to endure. Before Major Armstrong can foolishly repair the damage to Al's armor, Mustang explains due to the danger of damaging the Blood Rune, only Ed can fix the damage. With it clear that Ed needs to visit his mechanic to repair his automail arm, Mustang decides to provide an escort to serve as a bodyguard due to Ed's inability of performing alchemy at the moment. With almost everyone declining for their personal reasons, it falls upon Armstrong to serve as their escort, much to Ed's disgust. On the train, Al is put in the luggage with some sheep, while Lt. Colonel Hughes arrives to talk with Ed before the train leaves. Hughes reveals to Ed that the cause of Nina Tucker's death three years ago is the same method Scar had been using on his victims. This makes Ed happy as he now has a reason to hunt down Scar. Hughes also states he'll grant permission for Ed to use the National Central Library, though unknown to them, the paperboy whose sister was kidnapped by Scar overhears them and tells the vengeful Ishavalan the info about the Library. Scar escapes after releasing the girl as he apologizes to them.

Meanwhile in his room, Marcoh is attacked by Lust, who demands to know where his material is to avoid for Ed finding any sensitive information that could ruin her plans. Despite Marcoh recognizing her Ouroboros tattoo and his failed attempt to kill her, Lust forces Marcoh to tell her, having Gluttony use a captured maid as a hostage. While going to check on Al, Ed discovers that he is gone having been mistaken as cargo and left behind at the last station, but is stopped by Armstrong before he can jump off the train. As Al is laying in the rain, he is found by a boy who puts his armor on, while Ed and Major Armstrong arrive where Al was dropped off at. As Armstrong tries to prevent Ed from foolishly running off to find Al, Ed's anger at Armstrong from having heard about the Ishbal Civil War from Dr. Marcoh allows him to break free when Armstrong goes into shock. While on the road, Ed encounters a little girl who knocks him out and steals his automail leg, with Ed watching her as her grandfather emerges from his house. While traveling with the boy, Al pretends to be a talking armor from Central City and learns the boy wishes to use his armor to fight a rival gang and prove his strength. Not wanting the boy to possibly commit murder, Al takes control and uses alchemy to pretend he is a cursed armor to get the boy to remove him from his body. Ed learns the girl was trying to help make her grandfather's life easier, and offers to reference them to Rockbell Automail which the old man declines. The old man reveals he was a soldier that served in Ishval who had his leg amputated from a sword wound, but gained something in return for having lived, something he does not wish to replace with automail.

As Ed struggles by comparing their situations, the old man replies of what will happen if Ed completes his dream. After Ed leaves, the man's grandson, the same boy that was with Al, arrives and Ed quickly finds Al covered in protective charms nearby. While talking with Al about their first encounter with Mustang four years ago in Resembool, Ed believes that the meeting may have been coincidental, and that Mustang may have been there for something else instead of responding to their father's letter. Major Armstrong returns, and Ed apologizes for his earlier outburst at him. Armstrong hears a train whistle and picks up both Ed and Al, intending to catch it to avoid waiting for the next one tomorrow afternoon.

Episode Notes

  • It's difficult to believe that the boy who steals Al in this episode could possibly wear such heavy armor. It has been shown in both series to take a very muscular man to even carry, let alone wear.

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