Elicia first appears as a newborn in Episode 6 during the flashback to Edward's preparation for the State Alchemy Examinations. In place of the manga character Satella LeCoulte, Gracia is the one introduced as pregnant in the first anime series.

Her Part in the Story

During a blizzard, Gracia goes into labor while the Hughes' are having Edward, Alphonse and Nina Tucker as guests for Ed's birthday. Everyone is immediately shocked but Maes quickly gathers his composure and goes to find help, leaving the Elric brothers and Nina with Gracia. The Elrics and Nina repeatedly scream and argue, momentarily calming down when Gracia demands them to, this allows Nina to keep an eye on the water they brought for Gracia which in turn helps Ed to discover his ability to use Alchemy without a transmutation circle. Athough the kids start screaming again when Gracia gives birth, they help deliver Elicia before Maes returns. Elicia briefly appears as an infant in the following episode where Maes is bouncing her on his knees while talking to Ed about Shou Tucker's research.

In Episode 8, Maes begrudges not being able to get home in time to kiss Elicia goodnight as a result of having to investigate the scene of Nina's murder and later annoys Ed by showing him a photo of Elicia.

In Episode 13, Maes unveils a large poster of the now 3 year old Elicia when he is supposed to be announcing the upcoming battle between Edward and Colonel Mustang and is promptly booed for it.

In Episode 23, Elicia celebrates her 4th birthday where she upsets Sheska by calling her a bookworm and befriends Winry Rockbell.

In Episode 25, Elicia and her mother attend her father's funeral with great difficulty as she is too young to understand the significance of the occasion.

In Episode 36, Elicia can be seen fast asleep in her mother's arms while her mother tells of her father's demise to a devastated Winry and in the following episode, she is shown to have become noticeably shy as she blushes and hides behind her mother when they are visited by Mustang.

Elicia and her mother are last seen visiting her father's grave.

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