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General edison
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Central Command
Species Human
Occupation Adviser
Rank Brigadier General
Goal To be granted an immortal body
First Appearance Chapter 50
Episode 21: Advance of the Fool (2009 series)
Voice Actor Charles Campbell
Seiyū Masuo Amada

Brigadier General Edison was a high ranking member of the Central Command top brass, and as such, has been entrusted with Amestris' darkest secrets. Knowing full well of the Homunculi and their plans, Edison blindly follows King Bradley, who he seems to have a great deal of confidence in, as well as Father (whom he refers to as "The Good Gentleman").


During Mustang's attack on Central City, Edison cloisters himself within the confines of Central Command. But with the premature activation of the Homunculi Mannequin hordes, Edison is soon betrayed and attacked by the soldiers he so trusted from the inside. Before he is killed, however, Izumi Curtis arrives just in time to save him from the mindless puppets. Edison, ever-grateful for the alchemist's rescue, tries to bribe her into becoming his personal bodyguard. In return, the housewife mercilessly beats him and forces him to tell her all about "The Good Gentleman". After this, Edison is kept as a hostage by Izumi and Olivier Armstrong as they moved through the bowels of Central Command.

Later, a soldier of Briggs receive a report revealing the main gate is still being defended by them and that Greed has come over to their side by aiding their efforts. Edison is shown to be skeptical since no Homunculus would turn against "The Good Gentleman".

When the Nationwide Transmutation Circle is activated, he is one of the millions to temporarily perish, only to be brought back by Hohenheim. After Father's defeat and Bradley's regime crumbles, Edison, along with General Clemin, is seen tied up in the custody of Briggs troops and both are blamed as part of the mastermind on trying to destroy the entire population of Amestris through an Alchemical Experiment.

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