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Drachman Commander

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Drachman Commander
Affiliations Drachma, Kimblee
Species Human
Occupation Leader of the Drachman army
Goal To conquer Briggs Fortress
First Appearance Chapter 78
Episode 42 (2009 series)
Seiyū Yoshinori Sonobe

The Drachman Commander (true name unknown) was leading the army of Drachma during the attack on Fort Briggs. Despite the army having a large amount of artillery, it was easily defeated by Briggs forces, and the Commander was killed in an explosion.

The Commander's role is cut down quite a bit in the anime version. He only makes a cameo appearance: giving his introduction of attack, but is then killed immediately as the battle begins. The manga has him berate Kimblee (along with a few other survivors) before finally getting killed by Kimblee.

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