Chiko was a cat living in Dublith under the care of a young girl named Menny. Though Menny cared deeply for her cat, the pet's life ran down and she seemed to have died giving birth to her kittens. But, too young to fully comprehend the concept of death, Menny brought Chiko to the home of alchemist Izumi Curtis so as to have her repaired, where Izumi explained that a life is something that cannot be regained once it has been lost. In consolation, Izumi helps Menny fashion a grave for the beloved cat and lays Chiko to rest in peace.

In the 2003 anime, Chiko was mauled by a neighborhood dog and retreated to a nearby roof where she gave birth to a litter of kittens and then died from her injuries. One of the kittens had managed to precariously roll off of the rooftop, but Ed used his alchemy and agility to rescue it. After everyone helped Menny bury Chiko and come to terms with her death, the girl adopts her late cat's newborns.

Like Menny, Chiko was also cut from the 2009 anime.

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