Mustang tries to kill Envy, only to be stopped by Edward, Scar, and Hawkeye, warning him not to be led by his desire for revenge against Hughes' killer.

Envy then begins taunt them and tries to get them to fight each other, questioning why they won't start fighting. Edward then looks sadly down at him and replies that Envy is just jealous of humans, even though he pretends to look down on them. Envy, in shock, proceeds to take his own life by regurgitating his Philosopher's Stone.

The story then shifts to the Armstrong siblings and a few soldiers fighting Sloth, who is joined by the mannequin soldiers.

Next we see an army general order soldiers to fire at civilians to stop the main gate from falling. Buccaneer appears and seemingly kills him.

Finally, Izumi appears, finishing digging a tunnel to let herself and her husband, Sig in to join the fight.

Chapter Notes

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