Fullmetal Alchemist

Chapter 74: The Dwarf in the Flask

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The Dwarf in the Flask
Volume 19
Chapter number 74
Title The Dwarf in the Flask
Japan Release Date August 11, 2007
U.S.A. Release Date July 21, 2009
Preceded by Chapter 73: A Daydream
Followed by Chapter 75: The Last Days of Xerxes


Chapter NotesEdit

  • When she meets Colonel Mustang in the cafeteria, the scar Lt. Hawkeye received from the Homuculus Pride is still visible.
  • Though a transliteratrion error causes Selim's surname to be transcribed as "Bladley" in Roy's decryption of Hawkeye's code, (suggesting that Rebecca had been read "Lebecca") the Viz publication altered the message to include the correct letter and also added an "Andrew" to Hawkeye's list so that the finished message would read "Selim Bradley is A Homunculus".

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