The Last Battle
Volume 27
Chapter number 107
Title The Last Battle
Japan Release Date May 12, 2010
U.S.A. Release Date December 20, 2011
Preceded by Chapter 106: Pride's Abyss
Followed by Chapter 108: Journey's End


Chapter NotesEdit

  • On the splash page of the chapter, the word "Alchemist" is misspelled as "Alcemist".
  • Maes Hughes, Fu, Solf J. Kimblee, Jean Havoc, Buccaneer, and Winry Rockbell are also seen putting their hands in the group picture on the cover page, each holding a trademark accessory.
    • Hughes in the top right corner holding a picture of Elicia.
    • Fu in the center right wearing his gauntlet.
    • Havoc in the bottom right corner holding a cigarette.
    • Winry in the center bottom holding a wrench.
    • Buccaneer on the left with his Crocodile M-1913A automail.
    • Kimblee on the left holding his white fedora.
  • Pinako Rockbell's hair can be seen to the right of Winry's arm.
  • At the end of the chapter, Edward says to Father "get up you third-rate fraud. I'll show you there's no comparison between us!" This is a reference to the end of the first chapter when he says "come down and face me you third-rate fraud. I'll show you there's no comparison between us!" to Father Cornello.

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