The Central Researchers are an enigmatic research team, seen only in the manga and 2009 anime series, who worked under the Gold-Toothed Doctor and were responsible for the cultivation and experimentation of various "Führer Candidates," who were raised from infancy to adulthood and then injected with Philosopher's Stones. Out of the twelve individuals tested for compatibility, eleven were brutally killed, but the last one survived and became the original storyline's Wrath, King Bradley. Their first appearance and mention is in Chapter 53 (in the anime was in episode 26). The individual identities of those affiliated with this group are completely unknown, save for the Gold-Toothed Doctor, who appears both during Wrath's flashback of his inception as a Homunculus, after that during the actual timeline in Chapter 67 to help heal Solf J. Kimblee's wounds at Briggs and again during the Promised Day. According to General Raven, this gold-toothed man is also a bio-alchemical doctor, much like Tim Marcoh. It is unknown whether his subordinates were also alchemists.


  • The program that gathered "Führer Candidates" could be compared to the real life "Lebensborn" program implemented by Adolf Hitler in 1932. Which sought to be the literal “spring of life” for the Master Race. The Nazi created breeding facilities in which Aryan women were recruited to be impregnated by S.S. soldiers and in that way creating the super soldiers ("Übermensch"). Before the program ended in 1944, the Lebensborn produced more than 42,000 babies.

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