A resident of Reole, this young man was romantically involved with Rosé Thomas before dying suddenly in an accident. False hope of his resurrection is used as a tool to recruit Rosé into Father Cornello's loyal service.

In the 2003 anime, Cornello transmuted a chimera parrot that used Cain's voice that only said Rosé to trick Rosé into thinking that Cain was brought back to life but was still in need of recovery. After Edward Elric was captured, he made Rosé question if Cain was truly revived. After she discovered the truth. Cornello locked her into the room where he tried to have the chimera parrot kill Rosé to silence her, but she was saved by Alphonse Elric who killed the Chimera parrot.


  • Though unnamed in the manga, this character was given a moniker in the 2003 anime series.

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