The Briggs Tanks is one of the newest Amestrian technological advancements being designed and invented on the front lines of combat in the Briggs Mountain Range of northern Amestris. It is a new type of fighting vehicle with heavy firepower and defensive armour. The first mobile war machine of its kind, the Briggs Tank is highly maneuverable and can accelerate rapidly. It is protected by a durable armour, presumably incorporating the various steel composite alloys also being developed by Fort Briggs' Research & Development department. The armour is light grey for camouflage. Armament consists of a turret-mounted main gun and a machine gun in the bow. Small yet effective, the Briggs Tank has a crew of three, a driver, machine gunner, and a main gunner/commander. Its first successful test run was in the winter of 1914 against a powerful unknown intruder invading the base from below. It also displayed reasonable success the following spring, proving invaluable to Briggs forces in subduing any threats they came across while moving toward Central Command, only to be overpowered by the Homunculus Wrath.


  • The Briggs Tank appears to be based on the German Vk 30.01 H, a World War II medium tank, which fits in with the German theme of Amestris.
  • If it is based off the historic Panzer IV, the gun appears to be 75mm gun without a muzzle break
  • Wears the Schurtzen skirt that was historically used to protect the thinly armored sides from anti-tank rifles
  • The turret is similar to the British Centurion, as are the exhaust pipes.
  • The tank also appears to have taken designs from the Soviet T-35/85 with its sloped armor. However, it could be based off of the Panzer III/IV which had a similar sloped design. In fact, the entire tank is very reminiscent of the Panzer III/IV due to similar look and armament.
  • The frontal sloping of the armor and turret design are highly reminiscent of the German Panzer V tank, better known as the Panther. Its high maneuverability and imposing size similarly fit well with the Panther's reputation.

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