Briggs Cool Hair Guy
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Fort Briggs
Species Human
Occupation Soldier
Rank Unknown, most probably Lieutenant
Abilities Shooting, Looking Good
Weapon Tank
Unique Trait Cool Hair
Goal Protecting Fort Briggs and Amestris
First Appearance Episode 34: Ice Queen (2009 series)
Voice Actor Unknown
Seiyū Unknown
Briggs Cool Hair Guy is a soldier stationed at Fort Briggs under the command of Major General Armstrong. Although a fan favorite, not much is known about Briggs Cool Hair Guy, including his actual name. He appears in the 2009 anime series and can be seen following Major General Armstrong's order to use a tank and shoot at the Homunculus Sloth. No one knows what has become of Briggs Cool Hair Guy, but the fans like to hope he is still alive and well.

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