The Prince of Aerugo comes on a diplomatic mission to Central, creating a temporary ceasefire in the skirmishing along the Southern Border. The chapter shows everyone's expectations of the arrival of the Crown Prince of Aerugo, Prince Claudio Rico.

This prologue is shown as an extra, if brief, chapter at the end of Volume 23 of the tankobon, and first shows Ed and Al during their search in Central for May Chang and her "black and white cat", Xiao-Mei.  A radio announcement of a ceasefire with Aerugo interrupts their pestering of Central's citizens, and diverts attention to a massive celebration across the city to welcome Claudio Rico, with many soldiers being given leave to attend the celebrations in Central and several military women drooling over newspaper photos of the prince, to Roy Mustang's displeasure.  The prologue ends with Claudio, in a private train car heading to Central, vowing to himself that "Now... there's no escape."

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