Synopsis Edit

A military officer is seen being chased by military police through city streets. He's finally apprehended by Colonel Genz Bresslau.

Cut to another part of town and Armony Eiselstein is returning home from surreptitiously practicing alchemy which her father, Professor Wilhelm Eiselstein, has forbidden her to do. He created their town via alchemy and she can't understand why he won't allow her to learn it as well. Their disagreement is interrupted when Brigadier General Nemda arrives to see the professor.

Back at headquarters Roy Mustang is having Riza Hawkeye investigate the possibility that Nemda was involved in an recent incident where an entire town was annihilated by chimeras. He asks her to infiltrate the general's inner circle.

Meanwhile the officer apprehended by Colonel Bresslau has avowed that he's done nothing nor knows anything. The colonel believes him, but wants him to hide out in New Heissgart while he proves the officers innocence. Through a turn of events both of the Elric brothers, Ed and Al, Riza, Armstrong, and the unnamed officer end up in New Hiessgart.

Story Notes Edit

The story continues in the video game of the same name.

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