The chapter opens with Roy's unit noticing a new arrival in the building: a Shiba Inu puppy. Sergeant Major Kain Fuery explains that he found the dog earlier, but can't keep it because the dormitory he lives in doesn't accept pets. Fuery is reluctant to send the dog back outside in the rain, so he decides to find a suitable owner.

However, the search starts out rough. Warrant Officer Vato Falman also lives in a dorm, so he can't accept it. Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda's rabid fear of dogs makes him a poor choice. Jean Havoc decides to take the dog, remarking how delicious they taste when stir-fried. Naturally, it's decided that Havoc isn't the right choice, even though the Second Lieutenant was only kidding.

Fuery asks the Elrics if they want it, but because the two travel constantly, they can't accept it. Edward says Fuery is too nice, bringing in a stray when he doesn't have the means to take care of it. Just as soon as he's done speaking, though, Edward discovers that Alphonse is hiding a stray cat in his armor. Though the younger Elric begs to keep it, Ed harshly demands that Al put the cat back outside, causing Al to run off crying......with the poor cat still in his armor.

Colonel Roy Mustang is the next option. When asked if he wants the dog, he jovially proclaims his love of dogs, calling them "faithful servants" that they don't complain about pain or a lack of money. So, Mustang isn't the right choice for the puppy.

When Fuery tells him that First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye told him to either find a new owner for the dog or put it back outside, Mustang tells the young soldier he don't need to worry, and that even though Riza may seem tough, she is very kind.

When asked by Riza if he found a new owner for the dog, Fuery says no and reluctantly goes to put it outside. At that moment, Riza decides to take the dog as her pet, much to the joy of Fuery. As the other officers watch Riza feed the puppy, they note how well Riza will treat the dog. However, when the dog urinates on a wall, Riza decides to implement some tough love and fires seven rounds at the poor puppy.

As she starts housebreaking the visibly distressed puppy, the equally distressed officers decide to leave, each vowing to never oppose Riza Hawkeye.

Chapter Notes

  • A later omake reveals that the dog was named Black Hayate, and Mustang notes Riza has a poor taste to pick pet's names. (Black Hayate means "Black Hurricane")
  • The events of this Bonus Chapter would be adapted into parts of Episode 13: Fullmetal vs. Flame (2003 series).
  • When Black Hayate first urinates on the wall, seven shots can be seen on the wall where Riza Hawkeye shot, but she only fired six times.