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Char 10920
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Blue Squad
Species Human
Occupation Terrorist
Abilities Precision shooting
Military Operations
Weapon Automail arm
Unique Trait Eyepatch
Goal To broker the release of Blue Sqaud's leader
First Appearance Chapter 4
Episode 5 (2003 series)
Voice Actor Andrew Chandler
Seiyū Kouji Ishii

Bald (バルド, Barudo) is a high-ranking member of the Eastern Liberation Front, Blue Squad, an Amestrian political extremist organization headquartered in the east area. After the Blue Squad's leader is arrested, Bald orchestrates the hijacking of a civilian train in order to hold Major General Hakuro and his family - who are traveling on vacation - hostage in exchange for the prisoner. With a large eyepatch over his right eye and an automail left arm that conceals a double-barreled rifle and hidden knife, Bald cuts a menacing figure and manages to subdue the General with a violent show of force, shooting a large hole in Hakuro's left ear. Unfortunately for Bald - although he and his men manage to eliminate all security personnel on the train, keep the conduction team working at gunpoint and scare all the civilian passengers into submission - Edward and Alphonse Elric happen to be passengers as well. Working in tandem, the Elric brothers manage to defeat all of Bald's henchmen and subdue him in the process before the train reaches its destination of East City. Though arrested as soon as the train stops, Bald breaks free of his bonds and launches a desperate attack at Colonel Roy Mustang, who has come to the train station to oversee the terrorists' arrest. However, Mustang uses his Flame Alchemy to subdue Bald once more.

In the 2003 anime, Edward was not a State Alchemist when he faced Bald, as he was on board the train to Central to become one. Ed's involvement in Bald's capture was actually a ploy set up by Mustang, which is why he had Ed and Al board that particular train. The purpose of this plan was for Ed to be rewarded by a grateful Hakuro at being made an exception for the State Alchemy exam, since there was an age requirement for all applicants to this exam.

Bald's appearance is cut entirely from the 2009 anime, and apparently, the events didn't happen off-screen either; due to General Hakuro's missing ear wound.


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