The heirs to the house of Armstrong, listed from youngest to oldest from left to right: Catherine, Alex, Strongine, Amue and Olivier.

The Armstrong Family is an illustrious and noble family whose members have served in the Amestrian Military for generations. They are all extremely honorable and hold their family status with great pride often boasting about their noble history which is clearly shown with their eccentric actions. They are all gifted with impeccable strength and the marvelous (yet eerie) glow of their pride can always be seen by those around them, usually seen with a sparkle around their faces. The family seal is made to resemble the curled forelock shared by all members as well as a similarly curled mustache.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Despite being the second youngest child in the family, Alex was originally chosen by his father to become the next head of the family, likely due to the fact he is the eldest son. However, he lost this privilege to his sister Olivier during a duel in the Armstrong mansion.
  • Amue and Strongine are omitted from both anime series, barring a single cameo in Episode 38: Conflict at Baschool, during one of Yoki's flashbacks—they are exclusive to the manga; and even then, they mostly just fill space. Nothing of their personalities has ever been revealed.

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