is a town in the country of Amestris that exists only in the 2003 anime. It is a beautiful city filled with artistic canals that draw tourists from all over the nation. Additionally, Aquroya is the home of the infamous shadow thief Psiren, who also serves to bring tourism to the area with her daring and well-publicized heists. Though it is not commonly known, the residents of Aquroya are all aware that their hometown is sinking under the water and will cease to exist in a matter of years.

Trivia Edit

  • Aquroya shares many similarities with the real world city of Venice, Italy. Being a city known for its beauty, art and numerous canals and even the fear of sinking, but where as Aquroya was on the verge of disappearing, several projects have been put in place to ensure Venice's safety from slipping into the Adriatic Sea.

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