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Alphonse Elric
Avatar alphonse03
Aliases Al
Armored Alchemist
Armor boy
The Little Armor Boy
Birthplace Resembool
Date of Birth 1900
Age 14-15 (during the show), 11-13 (end of the series)
Family Edward Elric (brother)
Trisha Elric (mother, deceased)
Van Hohenheim (father, deceased)
Envy (half-brother) (2003 anime only)
Species Human
Occupation Alchemist
Abilities Alchemy,
Martial Arts,
High intelligence,
Highly resilient armor body
Weapon Fists, Alchemy, Lance
Unique Trait Large Armor Body
Goal Restoring his brother's body
Restoring his body
First Appearance Episode 1 (2003 series)
Voice Actor Aaron Dismuke
Seiyū Rie Kugimiya

2003 anime seriesEdit

After a dying Solf J. Kimblee used alchemy to transform Al's armor into explosive material to get his revenge against Alphonse for previously humiliating him, Scar transferred all of his incomplete Philosopher's Stone into Al to save his life. As a result, Al became the Philosopher's Stone. Shortly after, Alphonse learns his body became lighter and his blood seal could endure contact with water. He also gained the ability to perform alchemy without a circle, although this is due to him "remembering" the gate. He only uses alchemy twice after he becomes the stone because any alchemy he or anyone near him uses activates the stone and destroys a part of Al's body. Because he houses the Stone in his body, he becomes the primary target of Dante's attempt to cheat death, but not before he becomes a pawn in Shou Tucker's plot to resurrect Nina. Once captured by the Homunculi for Dante, Al was to be devoured by Gluttony to complete the Stone inside Gluttony's body. But when he saw his brother killed by Envy, Al uses the stone's power to restore Edward's body (including his missing limbs) and re-bind his soul to it. This destroys his own body as he used up the whole of the Philosopher's Stone in the transmutations.

Alphonse becomes the Philosopher's Stone and regains full memory of his visit to the Gate. The concept of this is never fully ventured, due to his fear of the possible outcome effects of using the Stone's power. In the final episode of the series, he clearly uses alchemy without the need of any transmutation circle, in order to resurrect his dead brother. After Ed is revived, Ed performs one last transmutation on himself and sends himself to our world to pull Al's body and soul back to Amestris.

When Al came back to his body, he had forgotten his experiences in the armor and was physically the same age as when his body was taken away by the gate.

Alphonse is later seen back in Resembool playing with Den. Izumi and Sig come to Resembool to visit and while they are having dinner with Alphonse and the Rockbells, Alphonse asks Izumi if she can train him again so he can have further knowledge of alchemy. Izumi agrees to train him saying, "I can't say no to that face" and so Alphonse goes with Izumi back to her hometown of Dublith so they can train.

It is revealed in the movie, Conquer of Shamballa, that Izumi became ill and could not train Alphonse anymore so she told him to leave. She did not want Alphonse to see her dying because it would have been hard on him, so Alphonse returns to Resembool. But, Alphonse did not stay there for long, he left his town so he could travel the world.

Conqueror of ShamballaEdit


Alphonse in Conqueror of Shamballa.

In the Conqueror of Shamballa, Al has grown into a powerful alchemist. Two years have passed since the final episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. He is first seen walking in the desert, where he transmutes a well to drink water. He eventually comes to Reole, just in time to save the town from the Thule Society's soldiers in armor suits. It is revealed that he still hasn't regained his memory of the past years, not recognizing Alex Louis Armstrong, however, he is determined to find his brother. As the suits of armor are sucked into the portal in the sky, Al manages to bind a part of his soul to one of them, having figured out that the portal leads to the parallel world where Edward is. Once the suit is on the other side, Al, who is able to see through it and control it, meets Ed, and is overjoyed to see him, but the two are forced to flee immediately as the Thule Society's troops start shooting. Eventually, after talking to Ed, Al's alchemy wears off, but not before he reassured Ed that they'll meet again. Later, Alphonse (with Wrath observing) prepares the circle to get the Gate open, but realizes that the sacrifice is needed. They are attacked by the powered-up Gluttony, who Wrath lures into the circle, letting him bite him and asking Al to open the Gate using both Homunculi as sacrifices. After the Gate opens, Thule Society begins their invasion of Amestris, and Al, having met up with Ed, sets out to fight its forces. With the help of Roy Mustang, they defeat Dietlinde Eckhart, however, Ed leaves to close the portal on the other side. After crossing the portal, Ed finds out that Al had managed to hide himself in a suit of armor almost identical to the one his soul had been bound to. After Alfons' funeral, Ed and Al decide to find the atomic bomb and dismantle it.

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