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Birthplace East City
Family Nina Tucker (owner/ playmate)
Affiliations Edward Elric Alphonse Elric

Nina Tucker

Species Dog (formerly),
Occupation Pet
Unique Trait Very large body and loud bark
Goal Usually playing
First Appearance Manga Chapter 5
2003 anime episode 6
2009 anime episode 4
Alexander was the family pet of the Tucker Family and Nina's closest best friend. His breed appears to be a Great Pyrenees. In the manga and both animes, Alexander and Nina grow very close to the Elric brothers, but their friendship was not able to last as Shou Tucker needed to present an astounding alchemic breakthrough to the military to make up for his past failures and avoid having his license revoked. Desperate, Tucker resorts to transmuting Alexander and Nina together to create a talking (yet imperfect)
Nina ChimeraForm

Nina, after being fused with Alexander.

Chimera. When the Elric brothers discover this, Edward beats Shou to near death for having done such a cruel thing. With no idea on how to restore Nina and Alexander, the brothers leave the rest in the hands of the military, but the State Alchemist killer Scar soon arrives and kills Nina's father, and, noticing the pain the Nina/Alexander creature is in, kills it in an act of mercy.

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